Kakadu National Park

My extraordinary zoologist friend Alistair has been working in the Northern Territory as a wildlife researcher, taking care of the flora and fauna in Kakadu National Park. Last week we decided to go north to see him and check out the Top End. What he devised for our trip was nothing short of incredible.

We started with a spin around the sights of Darwin, including indigenous art galleries, visiting the beachside Mindil Markets, clapping the sun down at sunset, laksa for dinner and beers with the locals at the surf club. Then, after a few days in the city, we set out in a trusty 4WD into Kakadu, following this itinerary, which showcased the park perfectly.

Ubirr: located in the East Alligator region, Ubirr is famous for its indigenous rock art. Wandering through this area was the perfect introduction to the park as you can feel the spiritual depth from the land. The rocky walk takes you up high to a lookout, with wetlands stretching out beneath.

Jim Jim: this is a classic territory walk - you take a strenuous, rocky path in the heat, for what feels like an age, and arrive completely exhausted but exhilarated in a huge gorge, with a waterfall trickling down a massive rock face. What's so great about Jim Jim is that you can swim in the gorge and cool off, because the crocodiles are highly unlikely to have made it out this far. So all the effort is rewarded at the end of your walk.

Twin Falls: these falls are located on the eastern boundary of the park. In order to reach the falls you can take a short boat ride into the gorge. When you reach the end you cannot swim, because of the crocodile danger, but sitting on the sandy banks and watching the waterfall is mesmerising. We spent a long time talking and watching the water here.

Gunlom: Alistair completed our Kakadu experience with Gunlom, which is often photographed in advertising material for the park due to its incredible vistas. You walk up a short but steep dirt track, and then find a series of cooling plunge pools surrounded by trees. The unbeatable view stretches out over the park as you float in the clear water.


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