Dagobert was a guy who planted bombs in Berlin department stores and then phoned them in to extort money in exchange for not setting them off. In 1988 he needed a small amount of money to kickstart a new career as a sausage-vendor on Germany's streets, so set about making it with this bomb scheme.

Dagobert is also the name of a handsome Berlin pop singer who croons in bars throughout Europe as locals sing along. Happened upon him last night and he is a consumate performer! Hilarious to watch and he is seriously loved here in Berlin. The guy was getting hugged by audience members as he sang. It is hard to work out whether this is tongue in cheek as a performance, but I was told that the cheesiness is truely popular in Germany. Cute to watch.

Not the time I saw him, bu t this video gives you a feel for some of his hits:

And below is a stolen picture of him from a hipster website (with thanks :)).


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