I stumbled upon German cult TV show, Tatort. The local bookstore stays open late on Sundays just so people can come watch this show, which started in the 70s. The store is now full of Germans ready to watch, despite the fact this is also playing on TV in their homes. From what I can gather from the nice German lady who is trying to explain to me why this is exciting, it is part nostalgia and part comfort that keeps them watching (it always is on Sunday night, making it an end of the week tradition).

Although I can't understand a word, it appears it is funny in a goofy way - the bumbling detective etc - and there is intrigue in the form of crime solving. My friend tells me each episode is different as it is a show done by German, Austrian and Swiss teams (and it shows Sunday in all countries), and so the writers change, and the character teams change according to which city they are in. So you might be looking forward to it because you love the Munster team (which is on tonight) but not really like Stuttgart the week after.


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