Liquidrom, Berlin

This is a fantastic, chi-chi, designer spa in Berlin. Think soft lighting, relaxing music, lounges, white towels, champagne, hot pools, massages and timber saunas. You can go into one of the many sauna rooms, one of which has a resin brick wall that's backlit, or swim in the hot outdoor salt pool in the courtyard, or a private pool in a darkened nook, or the big kahuna - the liquidrom.

The liquidrom is a darkened domed room with a big, warm circular pool that you float in while looking up at the ceiling as lights dance across it. It is temple-like in its quiet atmosphere and concrete surfaces. Music plays and if you put your head under the surface of the water you can still hear it.

I could write a whole essay on nudity in the saunas of Germany, but you know, I can't be bothered. Let's just say Germans are way more liberated than I, but at one point my breasts were not covered at Liquidrom and that was a big step.


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