Meet your Energy Avatar, Amsterdam

Meet Your Energy Avatar is an installation by architect Rory Hyde and artist Katja Novitskova currently showing in Amsterdam. It is a full-sized electroluminescent blue whale and at 1:1 that is about 35m long. Big big blue.

The show imagines a future of endless energy, where we have sorted out a renewable energy resource for all. Rory and Katya's response to this theme refers to the fact a human today uses the same amount of energy a blue whale requires, despite humans being so much smaller than whales. The whale is in a room the size of an aircraft hanger and hangs over the audience in the dark of this big room, while quiet music plays. The overall effect is beautiful, eerie and calming. Facing the whale is a big swing so you can float toward the whale, up and down, while you contemplate it.

Rory encourages audience members to meet the whale, and even name it and talk to it. In this way not making us feel guilty for the amount of energy humans use in their daily lives, but having us acknowledge it and face up to it. To meet it.


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