Rogacki, Berlin

Rogacki is a western suburban deli featured in many guides as a must for food lovers, as it is a den of German specialties. There are several counters dedicated to various food types. Sausages, pressed meats, smoked meats, smoked fish, cheeses, salads, fresh meat and fish, gherkins as big as your foot, breads, vegetables, and more. There are lots of meat and fish bits in aspic, such as Kaiserfleich. And more wurst than your wurst enemy's wurst nightmare.

I grabbed mackrel, herring with a gherkin inside, fish and beetroot salad (bleh), paprika cream cheese, bread, Kaiserfleich (again, bleh), some beef wurst spread, salami and more, I went a bit crazy and the food is still not completely eaten despite my and Claire's attempts.

I couldn't help but get in the hot food line at the deli with a tray since I wanted what everyone else was getting,while in the line secretly fantasising that this must have been like back in the GDR cafeterias. On the menu (there were other items but this one was the only thing being ordered): potato salad and a fillet of crumbed fish with a lemon slice on top. (Actually, I assumed it was schnitzel when I bought it, but was happy with fish once I bit into it and realised.) The fish was sold by weight so the bigger your bit the more you pay. Everyone then took their tray to the nearby tables and stood to eat the meals, most in total, fixed silence. Busy work demolishing eight euros of fried fish.

(Photo nabbed from Google images)


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